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What to Include in a Traditional Wedding Invitation

Creating a beautiful traditional wedding invitation can be overwhelming! There are so many elements to the invitation, from the inner envelope to the response card. At The Petite Acorn, we are here to help you every step of the way. Read below to learn how to create a proper traditional wedding invitation. Also, you can browse some of our traditional wedding invitations to give you some ideas and start your journey.


The Outer Envelope
The outer envelope is reserved for your mailing information.


The Inner Envelope
Historically, when a housemaid would receive an invitation package, she would remove the outer envelope. Then, she would hand deliver the inner envelope to the invitation recipient. Today, many brides still practice this tradition.


The Wedding Invitation
This part of the invitation gives guests the information they need to attend your event on time. It also sets the tone and theme of your wedding. Finally, it advises guests on how formal the event will be.


The Response Card
RSVP cards are vital to your wedding planning process. They let you know how many people are attending your wedding. You can also include meal preference along with other details and requests. Some response card examples include the classic fold-over, panel, and double-sided postcards. Also, include the address and pre-stamp with your envelope. This helps your guests respond with ease and in a timely manner.


The Reception Card
If your reception is being held at the same venue as the ceremony, you may simply include an additional line on your invitation saying “Reception immediately following.” However, if you choose to hold your reception off-site, you should provide the location and time. This allows your guests to make the proper arrangements to attend. Furthermore, these cards are also useful if you are only inviting a select number of guests to the reception after the ceremony.


The Direction Card
Even in the age of GPS, maps are still the only foolproof way to navigate. Ensure your guests arrive on time and without hassle by including a map or direction card. Additionally, you can choose to send this card after RSVP’s are returned. This ensures that you only send the card to confirmed attendees.


The Ceremony or Reception Site Map
A majority of churches, parks and reception sites will have their own professional designed maps for your use. Request a copy and have it printed on your card.


Accommodation Cards
If you have a destination wedding or invite out-of-town guests, you should include an accommodation card with their invitations. This helps them with travel and accommodation information. On the card, include the names and locations of local hotels at various price points, room block information (if applicable). In addition, you could add places to rent in the area and any local destinations or activities.


Traditionally, all invitation pieces maintain a consistent theme and are printed on matching paper stock. However, the exception to this is directions, site maps and accommodation information.


We’re here to help you with all of your questions and concerns. Visit us at our Fort Lauderdale store to discuss your wedding invitations. To set up an appointment, click here or call us at 954-962-3141.

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