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They have an amazing selection of invitations and Eric helped me customize my invite to become...

They have an amazing selection of invitations and Eric helped me customize my invite to become truly a work of art–even after the party my guests are still talking about how beautiful the invitations were. Eric also suggested place cards and was able to work with my party planner for unique place cards for the reception–and he was super patient with me while I worked on my seating. I highly recommend the Petite Acorn for all your invitation needs! They are AWESOME!

Reviewed On 9/07/2016 Heather G

Heather G



Placing Your Order With Us

Here’s an overview of what to expect when placing your order with us. This should give you an idea of the things you need to start thinking about when ordering your invitations. Our staff is knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way.


Are you traditional or contemporary? Perhaps you’re in between. Whatever your style, our staff is well-versed in etiquette and will help you navigate tricky wording situations. Also, be sure to confirm all names, titles, and details that will appear on the invitation.


Pick Your Enclosures
What enclosure and accessories do you want to include in your invitation? Typically, invitations include a response card and a corresponding return envelope so that guests can RSVP quickly. You’ll need to set a date of when you want your RSVPs and what information you need from your guests. In addition, you can ask your guests for information on the reply card, whether you just need their names and number attending or would like to know their meal preference.

All components are completely customizable. Keep in mind that you may want to have separate reception cards, direction cards, maps, or even thank you notes. Because our invitations are sold a la carte, you can easily pick and choose the items you want.


Many guests are invited as a couple or family, so be sure to count invitations and not just your invited guests. For example, if you have a total of 200 guests invited, you may only need 150 invitation. And just to be safe, you should always add at least 10-20 extras for last minute changes or guest list additions. You can order extra envelopes at a minimal charge. Remember: it’s always safer to order a few extra and have a few left over than to place a new order. The printing company will treat it as a new order and it can get costly. Plan ahead and count carefully!


You will have the option to see a proof of your invitations before they are sent to press. The proof costs around $10-15, but it is absolutely necessary to purchase proofs; they will safeguard you against any errors on your invitation and give you a chance to preview the wording, font, style, layout, and overall design. If you need to make changes to your proof, you may do so, but once you approve the final proof, they go to the printer as-is. The proof will be emailed to you in a PDF form. Most companies provide proofs in color while others provide them in black and white. Our staff is available for consultation if you have questions about your proofs.


There are several different printing methods that you’ll run across when looking through The Petite Acorn library of invitation albums. The print methods vary in price, look, and texture and we can help you decide which is best for your needs. The most popular print methods are:

  • Engraving
    • Engraving is a traditional and timeless way to print your invitations. Letters are engraved or etched into a copper plate which is then rolled with ink and wiped, leaving the ink only within etched lines. The hand-fed paper is then pressed into the plate, picking up the ink, and leaving a raised letter or design that has a slight indentation on the back. The result is a strikingly sharp and beautifully rich impression. You should consider engraving if you are using dark paper or if your invitation will have designs or motifs with delicate lines.
  • Letterpress
    • One of the oldest printing methods in the world, letterpress has made a resurgence and is a tremendously popular look right now. It is best recognized for the soft, lush paper that usually accompanies this printing method. Letterpress is the opposite of engraving – instead of a raised print, the text and design are actually pressed into the paper using an inked polymer stamp-like printing plate. The thicker the paper, the deeper the impression. Letterpress printing will work for most designs and you should consider it if you want to add texture to your design.
  • Thermography
    • Thermography is a modern alternative for attaining the raised printed effect of engraving. The result is achieved with a heat process which causes the powdered ink to expand, resulting in a raised letter with a beautiful sheen.
  • Flat Printing
    • Flat or off-set printing is a photo process resulting in a modern, sleek look. You should consider flat printing if you want a matte or contemporary feel to your invitation. It also works well for reproducing photograph half-tones, sketches, and maps.


A half-down deposit is required on all printing orders at the time of your order. Your final balance will include sales tax and the direct shipping charge from the company to the store. Payment in full is required upon pickup. If an order is canceled at any time, the client is responsible for any applicable proofing, cancellation, or printing fees that the printing company passes on to The Petite Acorn.


We’re here to help you with all of your questions and concerns. Visit us at our Fort Lauderdale store to discuss your wedding invitations. To set up an appointment, click here or call us at 954-962-3141.

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